Capital Raising & Deal Origination Network

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Capital Raising & Deal Origination Network ambition is to promote the creation of a strong private sector in emerging & frontier economies and to enable them gain access to prosperity and sustainable development through the connection of deal professionals, investors, acquirers, and business owners who do or consider doing a business in one of developing countries.

Capital Raising & Deal Origination Network consists of investment bankers, business intermediaries, company principals and owners, CPAs, attorneys, financial and business advisors who seek to invest in or acquire/sell middle market companies based in emerging & frontier markets.

Use Capital Raising & Deal Origination Network to:

  • Find new investments, partnership opportunities, funding, mergers and acquisitions deals in emerging & frontier markets
  • Share and discuss deal related insights, due diligence, regulatory, tax and legal issues, upcoming events, trends and data
  • Connect with other deal professionals through deal related discussions and opportunities
  • Conduct investment and acquisition searches across entire network
  • Feature your firm profile for increased brand awareness
  • Promote events and webinars
  • Increase your connections around the Globe

Capital Raising & Deal Origination Network is constantly at work on new features to improve user experience and value-add. We hope to play significant role in accelerating growth and economic transformation in developing countries.

For further information about Capital Raising & Deal Origination Network, contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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