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Your First Steps on Capital Raising & Deal Origination Network

Your First Steps on Capital Raising & Deal Origination Network

The Capital Raising & Deal Origination Network provides a secure space for screened business owners, investment bankers and advisers, private equity firms, commercial lenders and strategic buyers to connect, network, collaborate with one another, post your sell-side/buy-side business opportunities, and promote your online brand image.

In order to take the full advantage of the Capital Raising & Deal Origination Network, we suggest you to take these four simple steps.

1. Update Your Profile and Find New Contacts

Spice up your profile, upload profile picture, provided as much information as possible about yourself and company you are representing.

Create groups of interests and events. Share interesting articles and materials within the Community.

Start finding new contacts, follow them or start a conversation with them.

2. Post Business Opportunities

Start promoting your business/investment opportunities in our Opportunities section. Posting opportunities is completely free for a lifetime. However, you will have to renew it every 180 days. This way we want to make sure that posted business opportunities are current and active. Make sure you provided as much information as possible about your business/investment opportunity, and remember to add pictures.

As soon as you have your business opportunity approved by our site administrator, we promote your business opportunity within our LinkedIn group called Emerging & Frontier Markets. You are welcome to join our LinkedIn group and to spread the word about your business opportunity by linking it to other social networks and groups of your choice.    

3. Promote your business and services

Promote your business and services for free by writing about it in our Insights section. All you have to do is to tell about your business and services in respective category. For example, if you are an Investment Banker, Business Broker or Advisor, you should go to Investment Bankers, Business Brokers & Advisors category, create new category, name it after your company name and post press releases, articles and presentations which describe your company, business services, transaction history, certificates etc.

Also, you can show your expertise by posting insights (such as business news in your country, analysis of your country’s economy and industries, tips on doing business in your country etc) in Emerging & Frontier Markets, Transactions, News and Analytics and Transaction Process categories.

In other words, use Capital Raising & Deal Origination Network as a free marketing tool for your business and improve your online presence.

4. Join our groups on LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook

And last but not least, join our groups on Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook.

Emerging & Frontier Markets – on LinkedIn

Emerging & Frontier Markets Investing – on Facebook

Emerging & Frontier – on Twitter (@CapitalEmerging)

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